The purpose of Innobridge is to promote social development.

To this end, we believe efforts should be inclusive with all stakeholders – communities, NGOs, Corporates, Institutions and Government.

Innobridge will play a role in building effectiveness in these organisations and institutions. Specifically, it will work towards improving organizational effectiveness through developing human resource strategies, OD interventions, training and coaching. Our expertise is in Human Resources and Organisational Development.

Some other means of doing work are embedded in Innobridge’s name. It aims to promote social development by building high quality bridges between the Corporate and the Social Sector. This is to be done through:

  • Helping Corporate organizations learn from the social sector – particularly in areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (working with the Community; being more sensitive and responsive to the Environment etc.)
  • By helping individuals in Corporate organizations to provide their skills and understanding for social development work.
  • By helping Social Organizations learn from the functioning of Corporate organizations.